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Maverick LVS

Maverick Location Verification Service (Maverick LVS)
verick LVS processes all location based information forTiburon's CAD and File Maintenance programs. Maverick MapSetup's simple import process will create your System Map, which will serve the same purpose as the old CAD Geofile, providing even greater functionality, flexibility and reliability.

Maverick and CAD now use the same source for geographic information, eliminating data discrepancies caused by synchronization issues. The diagram describes the flow of geo-spatial data to and from the various products.

GIS Dataflow for CommandCAD and Maverick LVS
The steps necessary to maintain the address verification and mapping information in CommandCAD that is consistent with the GIS data source. The procedure includes importing GIS data for address verification and display, tailoring the input data for the map display, checking the address verification data for potential error conditions, pushing updates to the distribution server and Maverick LVS, and coordinating the LVS and CAD database using CAD File Maintenance.

Maverick Integrated Mapping
Callhandlers and Dispatchers will notice only a few changes in the GUI that they are used to from previous versions. Maverick LVS will provide the same information that the CAD Geofile once provided, with several noticeable enhancements. Searches will be more flexible and more comprehensive. Map interaction will be faster and even more reliable than before. No re-training will be required.

Maverick MapSetup LVS
From a day-to-day user perspective, MapSetup has relatively few significant changes in the LVS environment. One of the areas where Mapping Administrators will most notice changes is the import process. While the import process itself changes only slightly, the amount of data requested during import has increased. In its new role as the Location Verification Service for Mapping, CAD, File Maintenance (and soon, other Tiburon products and modules) Maverick will utilize, provide and, therefore, allow more information. Administrators will be able to identify additional fields (such as Speed Limits, LAR info, etc.) during the import process.
The benefit of this up-front work will be a reliable, easy to maintain, easy to update, single source of geographic data: Maverick LVS .

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