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MappedALI Wireless Caller Location Capability (Automatic Location Information).

Automatic Location Information:
1.Stand alone Mapping display application

2. Connects directly to a 911 Call Handling Application

3. Handles 3-digit (similar to 911 in the USA) Emergency calls

4. Routing capability to user defined locations.

5. Handles Wireless and Landline calls

6. Spatial search capabilities for boundaries(city, county, municipal jurisdictions) and response areas.

Wireless and Landline call handling: Most location information is populated automatically from the ANI/ALI stream (Name, Phone, Apt, Caller Address). Additional location specific information (Sheriff, Fire and EMS Response recommendations and Map Page) will populate automatically if that data is contained in your map. Calls within 1.0 Miles textbox will list any nearby calls.

Invalid Address Alert: The ADDRESS button in the Call Information window will turn yellow if the address received is not a valid address. This indicates a problem with either the ALI information or the map contents. This problem should be reported and resolved administratively. For the purpose of servicing the incoming call, the dispatcher can attempt to resolve the address using manual Address Search and Address Resolution processes, which should help locate a nearby or similar address

Call List: Lists all active calls. Double click an entry in this list to view the details and location of the call.

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