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MapSetup Server Maverick Workstation

MapSetup is an administrative program which is used to import and setup your original System Map, to reconfigure an existing map, to add or update the MapSet, and to distribute map files and attachments across your network.

Your original (or Source Map Layers) will be created and edited (by you or a third party) in a map-editing program of your choice. From the Source Platform (MapInfo, ArcInfo, Microstation, Etc.) map layers will be exported in formats that can then be imported directly into the Maverick system. Maverick can import·from most popular map editing programs.

Importing Source Maps
The Maverick Import Wizard works within Maverick MapSetup and walks the user through the import process, asking for specific information that will allow the system to display properly and function as designed.

It works like this:
The first time you import our source map files, (shape files) the wizard guides you through the import process. You will input what type of information each layer contains, and where to look for certain data. Once these questions have been answered, the wizard will remember them for future processing of that layer.

Once you have completed the wizard for your original system map layers, your answers will be stored. Bringing in updated maps will be virtually automatic.

The newly imported map layers will display in MapSetup, where the administrator can adjust the map display as needed. Once the map is setup, the rest of the process is virtually transparent (i.e.: automatic).

Configuring the System Map
Upon import, most layers are assigned default display parameters in order to make the map more readable. Once your layers are processed into Maverick, the MapSetup enables the administrator to set or change various parameters for display and usage (colors, order of layers, selectability, etc.).

Once the display is set, it is saved as a Map made up of one or more individual map Layers. The terms System Map, Mapset, or merely Map are used to refer to the “map” that displays in the Main Map Window of every dispatch screen.

The mapSet defines your System Map and contains the instructions which tell the layers how to display and function.

Distributing the Map
When the map parameters are set and the System Map has been saved, the map files are ready to be distributed throughout your system. A program called Maverick MapUpdate Server handles this process in a method which is virtually transparent to all but the Map Administrator, who initiates the distribution sequence using Maverick MapSetup.

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