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Maverick is the software program installed on dispatcher workstations, which is equal to MapSetup, but without the Administrative applications.

Learning to use Maverick Mapping is easy for those familiar with Microsoft Windows and even for those who have never touched a mouse. Intuitive tools allow the user to quickly learn to navigate and manipulate the lightning-fast map using the mouse and the convenient toolbar buttons.

Screen Configuration: Move and resize windows as desired using conventional Windows techniques. Regardless of the configuration chosen, standardization of screen elements and their configuration enhances productivity and efficiency and reduces errors.

The Title Bar contains the name of the window and the mapfile that is displayed.
The Menu Bar contains pull-down menu's to access Maverick features.
The Tool Bar contains shortcuts to the most-used tools.
The Universal Search Bar - Search by Addresses, Common Places, Coordinates, Phone Numbers.
The Overview Map shows the entire coverage area and allows you to navigate the map quickly.
The Status Bar appears across the bottom of your Maverick window.

The Main Map Window is the primary map display.displays the area surrounding a call location.When a call comes into the system, the map is searched for a matching address (or X/Y coordinate). Maverick places an incident label in the center of the Main Map window, with assigned units stacked below it.

If needed, the user can zoom in or out on a particular area, reposition the map, route units to incidents, and perform a number of other functions to extract additional information from the map itself.

Route, search, dispatch units to incidents, shedule street closures, evacuate areas on a multi-layer Map that is created in MapSetup and updated through MapUpdate Server.

Overview Map: The Overview Map shows a view of the entire coverage area, allowing the user to easily orient the current Main Map view. The crosshairs on the overview map show the location of the center of the Main Map. A rectangle denotes the area currently displayed in the Main Map window.

In the Overview Map, the mouse can be used to quickly manipulate the main map window, regardless of which tool you are using in the Main Map. The selected tool remains active once you move back out of the Overview Map.

The Status Bar: At the left of the status bar is a brief description of the selected tool. When the map window is active, further information is displayed: Zoom level (width of map window); Coordinates of the cursor location; Date and time.

Get Updates: Maverick 5.1 allows the user to set the map for Automatic Updates or Manual Updates.

When updated map layers are available, the System Administrator will initiate the distribution process and each Workstation will be notified by a pop-up window that new map files are present.

Offline Workstations will receive the update notification when they come back online. If no updates are needed there is no notification and no action is required.

The CommAgent window will show the check and the results.

The Universal Search Bar: Quick search for Addresses, Common Places, Coordinates, Intersections, Phone Numbers in all “searchable” layers of your map. You can also select from the dropdown list to re-run previous searches.

Search Tools: This group of tools enable the various search functions of Maverick.


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