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MapSetup Server Maverick Workstation

One computer on your network is designated the Map Distribution Server. Three Maverick programs (CommAgent, MapUpdateServer, and ScheduleServer) on this machine enable the distribution of map and software updates, enable Scheduled Routing capabilityand provide full communication functionality for your Maverick Mapping System

Maverick ScheduleServer software coordinates the real-time network distribution of street closures throughout the system. In Maverick version 5.1 or greater, it is possible to open or close streets from any networked workstation. These closures will then be broadcast instantly to all other connected Maverick workstations.

Maverick MapUpdate Server is the software that handles the distribution of maps to stations within your system. This process enables all network stations to operate using the same MapSet and is virtually invisible to all but the Map Administrator. When updated map layers are available, the System Administrator will initiate the distribution process and each Workstation will be notified by a pop-up window that new map files are present. Offline Workstations will receive the update notification when they come back online.

Maverick CommAgent is a program that facilitates and monitors communication between Maverick and its information sources as well as communications between the various Maverick components on the network. CommAgent also handles the distribution of updated maps and Maverick program updates.

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