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Tools Tracking Routing and Directions

Maverick Mobile Mapping like all Maverick Mapping products, is designed to increase the efficiency of emergency services delivery and to enhance the safety of those who deliver it. Maverick Mapping offers strength, stability, power and functionality in a user-friendly Windows environment.

Enhanced Mapping Tools: Search Tools to query the map by Address, Common Place, Intersection, Phone Number or XY Coordinates on any searchable layer

Real Time Unit Tracking Feature: Tracked unit will remain centered on the map as it moves.

Improved Routing and Better Directions: Factor in more variables (one-way streets, impedance/cost, time of traversal, etc.); even set the system to automatically apply such costs on a time-of-day basis

Day/Night View: The Map Window can be adjusted

MAVERICK Mobile Mapping Version 5.1 is now in release.
Please contact you Tiburon Account Manager
to request an upgrade.


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