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Tools Tracking Routing and Directions

Maverick Mobile Mapping Routing GUI is easier to use and at the same time more powerful, allowing you to specify what you are routing From and To (point, intersection, common place), and how you want the route configured (Minimize Distance, Turns, etc.). Maverick allows you to route by Address, Intersection or Common Place. Regardless of which method you choose to input your routing info, the display is clear and instantaneous. The map window zooms to include the entire route with Start and End points. In addition, previous routes are logged and can be selected, and selecting one segment of the route and zooming into it is possible.

Cost-based Routing: You can now factor in more variables (one-way streets, impedance/cost, time of traversal, etc.); and can even set the system to automatically apply such costs on a time-of-day basis.

Route Display: The route display will change as the unit moves, allowing for driver changes to the suggested route and providing a new route in real time based on the unit's position. As the unit moves toward the destination, the map will shrink to display the remaining route.

Improved Routing and Better Directions: The Directions dialog contains your Start and End points, routing method and turn-by-turn directions each of which can be located on the map by double-clicking on the entry and text directions detailing each turn and distance along the route can be saved, emailed or printed.

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