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Workstation Hardware (Recommended Specifications)

For Call-Taker workstations on systems with mapping two displays are recommended. One display is supported, but most clients find that they prefer a second display for use with the CAD Status Map.

For Dispatch workstations on systems with mapping three displays are recommended. Two displays are supported, but most clients find that they prefer a third disay fuse with the CAD Status Map.

Alternatively wide aspect ratio (16:9) displays can be used. In this case, fewer displays the CAD Status Map.

Alternatively wide aspect ratio (16:9) displays can be used. In this case, fewer displays per position are probably sufficient. The actual final configuration is up to each client’s preferences, budget and the amount of console desktop space available.

The recommended CAD Dispatcher, Supervisor or Call Taker workstation specifications are:
- Intel Core 2 Duo Processor at 2.00GHz or faster
- 1066MHz Front Side Bus or faster
- 2GB DDR-2 Memory (3-4GB recommended for sites that average over 2,000 CAD Incidents per day and for workstations supporting the CommandCAD "Playback" feature)
- 80GB Disk Drive or larger (Recommend SATA II 3.0Gb/s) " For workstations supporting the "Playback" feature add a second Disk Drive 160GB or larger
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 (minimum requirement)
- Graphics card with multiple display support (other Windows-supported cards can also be used but must be evaluated and approved by Tiburon).
- 19-inch or larger displays supporting a resolution of uto at least 1280 by 1024 pixels each with a color depth of at least - - 10,000 colors (24-bit “true color”)
- CD-ROM or DVD-ROM reader (For workstations supporting playback a DVD-RW or other means of backing up the playback data is recommended)
- PS/2 and/or USB ports as necessary to support keyboard and mouse
- Keyboard
- Optical Mouse with scroll wheel
- Gigabit Network Interface Card
- Sound card and speakers
Note: Verify with the PC's manufacturer and/or the Graphics Card manufacturer that the selected card is suitable for the selected PC. Not all cards fit into or work correctly with all PC models.

The recommended Mobile Workstation specifications are:
- Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 1.66Ghz or faster
- 1GB memory (more is recommended when supporting mobile mapping)
- Microsoft windows XP Professional SP2 (Minimum requirement)
- 60GB Hard Disk or larger
- Color Display supporting a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels (XGA) or higher
- Keyboard
- Pointing Device (Touch Screen recommended)
- Sound card and speakers (optional, but recommended to support text-to-speech)
- 802.11 b/g recommended (optional)
- Serial Port(s) (As required to connect with RF modem, GPS Receiver, etc)
- PCMCIA Slot(s) (If required for RF modem, GPS Receiver, etc.)
- USB Ports (As required to connect with peripheral devices such as Magnetic Stripe readers, etc.)
- Recommend MIL-STD 810F compliance for ruggedness (optional)
- Bluetooth (optional - If required for connection with peripheral devices, printers, etc.).
- Rugged docking station, mobile power supply and mounting solution
- External Microphone - optional for Speech-to-text – For good performance Tiburon recommends the Andrea Electronics DA-350 digital array microphone with superior background noise cancelling in vehicular environments.

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